Hip Hup and the Brimpas

"As sweet as a nug on christmas day..." cow
dat spot doe

dat spot doe

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FACT TV: KiNK goes Against the Clock

hooo, wish i had this setup

Jaylib - The Red

took me awhile to come round to Dilla, but shit son

Mills Brothers - Swing It, Sister

wish i could get a trumpet sound like that outta my hands

dis pre ill

CunninLynguists - “Never Come Down”

Glass Animals - Psylla

stone cold chillin


sometimes you just gotta chill out to some surf rock

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Love Is Τhe Drug


Let Me Down Easy - Inez Foxx (Inez Foxx At Memphis, 1973)

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circles in circles


circles in circles

Caravan Palace - Queens

feel like i’ve been sitting on these guys too long, time to share the chills

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Courtney Barnett-Avant Gardener

listen up.